ED2 created an Active DAS with front end up/down-conversion and switch matrix product for 5G applications.

ED2, along with FreeFall Aerospace, formed FreeFall 5G. The purpose of FreeFall 5G is to take the state-of-the-art antenna system to market. For more information click the button below

5G Antennas

The 28 GHz dual linear polarized antenna is a high performance, low cost, GPPO/SMPM component. No calibration is required – just plug it in and go. This antenna was specifically designed for a n261 5G operating band application and is a superior alternative to phased array antennas that require processing circuitry and calibration routines; it is part of a low power consumption system architecture and is a RoHS-compliant connectorized device

ED2 Antenna Products

Custom antennas are available upon request, please contact sales@ed2corp.com